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Your product comes with a conditional satisfaction guarantee of up to 3 months.

Your satisfaction is our most important consideration.  We really do want you to be completely happy with your purchase.  If you are in any way dissatisfied with our product we will offer you the following, subject to certain conditions.

We use our reward points system to manage our satisfaction guarantee. Your account will be credited with reward points that you may then spend any time you wish.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee based on the time period between when you purchase the product and when you notify us of your dissatisfaction as follows:

    • Within 30 days | 50% of the purchase value in reward points
    • 30 days – 60 days | 25% of the purchase value in reward points
    • 60 days – 90 days | 10% of the purchase value in reward points
    • 90 days or more | Nil

The process is straightforward.

Just send us an email to, or contact us via the contact tab on our website, include your order number, and let us know which product is not working for you.  Tell us why you don’t like it in as much detail as you can – this helps us improve our service offering – and we will credit your account with the requisite value of reward points based on the above time periods from when you made your purchase.

Easy as that.

There are a few conditions –

We cover the cost of the product and not the delivery cost to get it to you, we don’t collect the product being replaced, it’s yours to keep.

We reserve the right after 3 returns to refuse your claim.


If the product is defective ie the bottle leaks or an atomizer stops working or something of the like, the process is the same as for an exchange.

Please explain the problem in as much detail as you can, with pictures if possible. If it’s a problem that can be fixed without replacement we will send you instructions on what to do to remedy the problem.

If the problem cannot be fixed we will credit your account with reward points on the following basis:

  • Within 30 days | 100% of the purchase value
  • 30 days – 60 days | 50% of purchase value
  • 60 days – 90 days | 25% of purchase value
  • 90 days or more | Nil

All time periods whether it be for exchange or due to defect are measured from the date that the order is placed on our system.

With defective products, the decision on whether or not to issue reward points lies with us and is not open to review, however, we do undertake to be open-minded and fair in our determination.

We reserve the right to review this policy on a periodic basis as and when is required and to make whatever amendments we in our sole discretion decide on.

We try to be fair a reasonable in all our policies.  If you think this is not the case, please let us have your comments.  Any input we can get would be most appreciated.

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