Birthdays & other special days

It can be really hard to find great gifts for friends family and colleagues or maybe the kids are growing up and you just don’t connect so well.

Don’t worry, everyone loves a good scent.

You choose the gift – a beautiful perfume, lovely scents for the home or a versatile gift voucher.

We’ll make sure it’s a gift to remember.


You really want the day to be extra special.
Lord Byron said “Perfume is the key to our memories”. That is so true.

Just imagine having a perfume or fragrance that every time you smell it takes you back to that joyous occasion.

What about the bridesmaids, groomsman, Maid of Honour and the Best Man?
Don’t they also deserve to smell fantastic on your special day?

Go on share the love and get them something special as well!

Gifts for the office

Perfumes, scents and fragrances make perfect gifts for events like Women’s day, secretaries days, works anniversaries and so on. Whether it’s a gift for an individual or everyone in the call centre, we’ve got you covered.

Reward your best people.
When your people go above and beyond expectations, you really want to reward them don’t you?

Equally, if you have done, the miles, its great to be rewarded. It says
“Thanks, I appreciate your efforts”.

It feels great to show appreciation and it feels great to receive acknowledgement.

You cannot do better than perfume.
Perfume rewards at an emotional level more than any other gift, it really is the smell of success. There is plenty of space to personalize given the wide range of scents we cover.
Don’t want to be too personal, then home fragrances are perfect.

If you are looking for gifts for your team, or you are part of a team and would like a gift.
Give us a shout and we’ll put it together for you.


Are you looking for gift that sets you apart, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on?

Then you should get in touch.

We will help you choose a scent or fragrance that bolsters your brand and raises you in the mind of your clients, customers, suppliers or staff.

We can personalize, package and deliver.

Give us a shout. Let’s talk.

gift vouchers

Not sure what fragrance the person likes, would they like a perfume or something for home?

No problem! Get a gift voucher.

Easy to use. Just choose the value you would like and hey presto the Gift Voucher is on its way to you. You can print out a physical version to give your gift that “real” feeling, or stay virtual and send via email.

Get a Gift Card!